Sharon Wehrly and Marilyn Davis here, as you probably saw, we just did this intriguing project where we turned one of the galleries into a train station, which led to a train track, which led to a switching station, which led to a secret door in the wall, which led to stairs in the middle of the floor, which led to a secret underground theatre. We raised the money to cut the giant hole in our floor and that was great, but we kind of forgot we also needed to fundraise to pay our rent. That wasn't so great!

    So, we are taking this moment to hypnotize you into becoming a member, or renewing your membership, or making a donation of any amount of money, gold, silver, stagecoaches, yachts, or airplanes. Stare deeply into the number 5 on the train in the below image...1...2...3....

    Excellent. You are completely under the power of this message. Now, without hesitation pick a Membership and/or Donation option below and join us for whatever wonders 2019 shall hold.

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Come visit and see what life was like in early Pahrump. Exhibits include farming, military, mining equipment, and restored buildings from early Pahrump,


Individual $15 Year

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Individual life $500

60+ Life $250

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