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Original Date: 1900's

Subject: Cheif Tecopa, a Southern was the most important Native American in the Pahrump Valley area in the last half of the nineteenth century. He was the pakwinavi, the "leader" or "head man" of the Paiutes in the Pahrump area, including the villages of Tecopa.

Original Date: 1900s

Subject:Indian Summer Camp in Pahrump

Original Date: 1900s

Yount Ranch early 1900's

Original Date:

Subject:Hidden Valley Ranch

Original Date: 1900's

Subject: Chief Tecopa - center. The men with him are thought to be Harsha White - left and Joseph Yount.

Original Date: Early 1970

Subject: Cotton Picken Saloon

Original Date: Early 1917

Subject: John Yount's home on the Hidden Ranch, now known as the Hidden Hills Ranch, Pahrump Valley, Nye County, Nevada, about 1917. Located off to the right of this photograph was a windmill and a blacksmith shop.

Original Date: 1920

Subject: Believed to be the old Pahrump Store. Until a window was constructed to the left of the double doors, a post office was housed there, on the left side of the building's interior. Individuals pictured are not identified. The store was located on the Pahrump Ranch, Pahrump Valley, Nye County, Nevada. The picture is believed to date from before 1920. Woman may be Clara Lee, daughter of Phi Lee.

Original Date: 1900's

Subject: Left to right, Dick Lee, Bob Lee, Clara Lee, Dora Lee, all children of Philander and Mops Lee, ca. 1910. Mops is believed to be short for Moppitts, a word meaning old lady, or old woman, in southern Paiute. Woman on right not identified.

Original Date: 1938

Subject: Steve Brown, Marcus Fizaldi, and Steve Brown's uncle, Bob Lee, in front of Bob Lee's home in the Pahrump Valley, approximately 1938.

Original Date: 1940's

Subject: Cowboys branding a calf on the Manse Ranch, probably in the 1940s.

Original Date: 1955

Subject: Eighteen year old Harry "Button" Ford and his 1946 Ford convertible, parked in front of his home in Pahrump Valley, Nevada, during the summer of 1955.

Original Date: 1945

Subject: Students at the Pahrump School, Rose School District, Pahrump, Nye County, Nevada, 1945. Back row, left to right, Johnnie Franks, Glenn Brooks, Helen Ford (Ward), Frederick "Fraddy" Sharp, Angelina Sharp. Front row, left to right, teacher Norma Schneider, Harry S. Ford, Mary Sue Sawday, Carol Jean Wilson, Darlene Cayton, Alberta Sharp, Catherine Ann "Timynia" Sawday.

Original Date: 1945

Subject: Automobile used as a school bus in Pahrump, Nevada, 1945, and students.

Original Date: 1948

Subject: The Pahrump School, operated by the Rose School District, Main Street, Pahrump, Nye County, Nevada, 1948.

Original Date: 1976

Subject: Nevada Farm Bureau staff inspect cotton fields belonging to Tim Hafen, Pahrump, Nevada, about 1976.