A History of the Pahrump Valley Museum and Historical Society

Written by Harry Ford

The Pahrump Valley Museum and Historical Society was created by a small group of people dedicated to collect, preserve, and study those objects, photographs, local crafts, and documents that will serve to illustrate the story of man and nature in the area which includes Nye County and related surrounding areas. Selected items will be placed on exhibition in a Museum located in Pahrump Valley.

It is the Society's belief that the understanding of our heritage is basic to an understanding of the world we live in and gives us a better appreciation of our state and county.

The Historical Society will collect artifacts, documents, photographs, local crafts, and specimens that depict the areas past in terms of natural history and resources, native people, exploration, cultural achievements, agriculture, mining, trade and transportation, all of which make the area what it is today. The Society will also collect items pertinent to political, civil and literary history of the state which affected our area.

Many articles have been donated by local residents for the Museum. The Ford family gave a parcel of land on Basin Ave. along with farm machinery and well drilling equipment used by their father, Stanley Ford, when he moved to Pahrump 50 years ago. Ford was the 47th person to receive a well drillers license in the State of Nevada.

Long time residents Al and Lynn Bells, donated the first $200.00 for the fee to incorporate the Museum along with a Cotton Picker used to harvest cotton in Pahrump during the 1950's - 60's.

Ted Blosser gave a hay baler converted to bale cotton for transportation to Bakersfield, California before the Cotton Gin was built.

The Bolling family has given all of the old farm equipment from the Raycraft Place plus the old house that is built out of ties taken from the abandoned T&T Railroad Track.

Many other items have been donated and will be moved to the property after the fencing is complete.

The ground breaking ceremony for the building pad to move and restore the Raycraft house was held August 6, 1994. A six-foot chain link fence will be constructed around the property after the large earth moving equipment is finished with the pad. Financing has come from Nye County, Town of Pahrump, Fund raisers and personal donations.

The Raycraft house was used to display Indian artifacts and other objects found in the local area until a larger building was constructed and opened in 2003. The fenced yard will be filled old farm, mining and other equipment that was used in the past.

It is our belief that if you don't know where you came from - you aren't going anyplace.