Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the PAHRUMP VALLEY MUSEUM AND HISTORICAL SOCIETY is to collect, preserve and study those objects, photographs, local crafts and documents that will serve to illustrate the story of man and nature in the area which includes Nye county and related surrounding areas. Selected items will be placed on exhibition in a museum to be located in Pahrump, Nevada. The understanding of our heritage is basic to an understanding of the world we live in and gives us a better appreciation of our state and county.

The Society will collect artifacts, documents, photographs, local crafts and specimens that depict the area's past in terms of natural history and resources, native peoples, exploration, settlement, education, cultural achievement, agriculture, mining, trade, and transportation all of which make the area what it is today. The Society will also collect items pertinent to the political, civil, and literary history of the state which affected our area. All archives and collections will be placed in the Museum on a loan basis to facilitate possible access. The Museum will provide for the preservation of such material and for its availability to all who wish to see and study it.

The Society will be a non-profit, educational establishment, operated for the communities betterment, and open to public membership regardless of race, creed or occupation.

The Society will disseminate knowledge and stimulate interest through materials, publications, information services and otherwise, by holding meetings, and by arranging special programs for the furtherance of the purpose of the Society.

The Society will cooperate with the Museum, State Museum, and other museums in the region to collect and preserve materials of significance and aid in the advancement of knowledge of our area and the State of Nevada.